The beginning of sound:
The Grip!

A guided tour of the various ways of holding the sticks from the
early 20th century until today

““Anyone can make a sound by striking any percussion instrument, but only an expert touch can elevate these effects into the range of musical sound.”
This quote (taken from our 12 concepts to remember) serves to help us understand both that the danger of starting with a bad grip lies precisely in the apparent ease with which everyone can pick up the sticks and start to play and that the quality of the sound also depends on the grip.
Without a proper start, you also risk physical damage such as tendinitis, tennis elbow and hidden micro-traumas that can seriously compromise your natural technical development.
With the hope that good information, in addition to helping you in your choice, could also service to keep you from undervaluing the problem of starting, we will examine the values and defects of the grips adopted from the early 20th century until today, beginning with those for the snare drum and drum set.

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